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Frequent Questions

What is the fee for connecting to CMH-IX?

Free!! You may have to pay cross connect fees to connect to your switches. 

What connection types and speeds are available?

You can connect via single-mode fiber. Available speeds are GigE, 10GbE, 40GbE and port-channel multiples. LACP is supported. 

What are the rules?
What is Bi-Lateral Peering?

Establishing direct peering with other CMH-IX participants over the exchange at no charge.

What is Multi-Lateral Peering?

Peering with our route servers to exchange routes with many neighbor at once.

How do I contact the CMH-IX for non-urgent issues?

Email peering@cmh-ix.net.

What size MTU is supported?

CMH-IX only supports 1500 byte at this time. 

Where is CMH-IX located?

WOW! Data Center
226 N 5th St #200
Columbus, OH 43215

Can I resell services over CMH-IX?

Yes we permit the sale of services over CMH-IX (transit, etc). We ask that you please contact us prior to doing so.

Do you offer Private VLAN?

Private VLANs are available for those requiring a private network with another CMH-IX member.